Construction Silt Fence



Material: 100% virgin PP

Color: Black, black/green, orange, blue Silt Fence

Width: 10-800cm

Length: As customer’s requirements

Mesh: 7*7-14*14

Denier: 650D-2000D

GSM: 60-230gsm

Treatment: (1)UV treated

(2)Ultrasonic cutting or with selvage

Surface Dealing: (1)Printing

(2)Anti-slip, Anti-static or as per customer’s requirements

Packaging: Packaging by paper bobbin with plug or plastic bobbin

MOQ: 5 tons

Production Capability: 500 Tons/Day

Delivery time: The first container within 30 days after order confirmation, the later as per customer’s requirements

Payment Terms: L/C at sight or T/T

Certification:  CE, SGS, ISO9001


Construction Silt Fence

Silt Fence serve a lot of industries all over the world as they provide the best solution for construction. Polypropylene fabrics are manufactured from high grade virgin raw material and have a fine finish. These light weighted silt fence are normally used in buildings.

A silt fence is made of a woven geotextile that has been entrenched, attached to supporting poles, and sometimes backed by a plastic or wire mesh for support. The silt fence detains sediment-laden water, promoting sedimentation behind the fence.

Suitable Applications

Silt fences are suitable for perimeter control, placed below areas where sheet flows discharge from the site. They could also be used as interior controls below disturbed areas where runoff may occur in the form of sheet and rill erosion and around inlets within disturbed areas (SE-10). Silt fences are generally ineffective in locations where the flow is concentrated and are only applicable for sheet or overland flows. Silt fences are most effective when used in combination with erosion controls. Suitable applications include:

Along the perimeter of a project.

Below the toe or down slope of exposed and erodible slopes.

Along streams and channels.

Around temporary spoil areas and stockpiles.

Around inlets.

Below other small cleared areas.



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